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About the company

BMP Association was founded in 1990. The first company offered roofworks. Years of work evolved into other numerous business directions. Today the association makes up 20 companies integrated into a uniform system.

have not seen on the market yet or the prices on which have been much higher. We produce new efficient equipment and make the prices reasonable. To achieve this we are constantly looking for new business opportunities, cooperating with inventors and scientists.

We use all the equipment we produce in our own businesses. This not only proves its competitiveness but also helps monitor its long-term work, improve its characteristics and quickly meet market demands.


December, 2007

We’ve begun producing cable tool drilling equipment designed for water well drilling even in solid rocky formations.

October, 2007

We produce sawdust concrete processing equipment. The output makes 20 m3 of ecologically clean sawdust concrete a shift.

August, 2007

A new drilling auger, is put into production. It can bore holes for posts and pillars (d = up to 350 mm).

July, 2007

Small capacity bioreactors 1 m3 are put into production. They are designed for household and can recycle wastes from 2-4 cows, 25-30 pigs, and 250-300 birds.

June, 2007

New metal forming tools appeared on sale. They are hand-press and pipe-bending machine which are designed for hammering and making artistic ornaments.

Air funnel furnaces are put into production. They are designed for heating metal.

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