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Sawdust concrete

Sawdust concrete is a building material classified as a lightweight concrete. Actually it is a mixture of organic components and concrete, organic elements being waste wood like sawdust, chip, and other cuttings. It is also called cement wood.

Nowadays we face the problem of waste recycling, i.e. we have to decide on the best ways of making waste useful and profitable.

Since we specialize mainly in lumbering, logging, and log home building, we had much sawdust, chip, and other waste wood. That’s why we have decided to start a recycling project, sawdust concrete production namely.

Today we can offer You a high quality product at a reasonable price, as we have managed to diminish output costs.

Sawdust concrete has several unique characteristics which make it competitive among other building materials:

Sawdust concrete is widely used in building low-rise countryside cottages and vacation homes. Besides, there is a practice of using sawdust concrete in construction of industrial and farm buildings, and the like.

Modern market offers a wide range of building materials: gas silicates, polystyrene concretes, expanded-clay concretes, foam concretes, ceramic and limesand bricks, etc.

What are the differences between all these materials and sawdust concrete?

Index/Name Sawdust concrete Gas concrete Expanded-clay concrete Foam concrete
Heat conduction, Wt/m 0,08 – 0,17 0,18 – 0, 28 0,5 – 0,7 0,14 – 0,38
Density, kg/m3 400 - 850 600 - 800 900 - 1200 200 - 1200

Sawdust concrete heat conduction index is 2-4 times lower than for other concretes. It is less dense and much lighter than gas, expanded-clay and foam concretes.

Differences between sawdust concrete and bricks

Index/Name Sawdust concrete Bricks
Heat conduction, Wt/m 0,08 – 0,17 0,5 – 1,5
Density, kg/m3 400 - 850 1550 - 1950

Thus, sawdust concrete has a 6-8 times lower heat conduction value. You need twice as less energy to heat a home with 20 cm. thick sawdust concrete walls than for a home with 50 cm. thick brick walls (two bricks thick).

Sawdust concrete density and weight consequently are less than those of a brick.

Building out of sawdust concrete blocks

Sawdust concrete

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