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Bioreactors and gasholders

Farmers of all kinds think over such questions every day.

You can solve these problems if You keep abreast in biotechnological developments.

We are engaged in biotechnological researches and BUG-1 station is one of our resent inventions. BUG-1 is a station which recycles organic wastes. It can process all kinds of organic wastes incl. cattle, swine and poultry manure, etc.; and consists of a bioreactor and a gasholder. Today we produce 6 m3 capable bioreactors and 2 m3 capable gasholders.

BUG-1 recycles organic wastes and furthermore produces "KOUD" and a by-product gas. “Koud” is an high-performance ecologically pure liquid organic fertilizer. When You install a BUG-1 You will be able to forget about expensive fertilizers. You will be able to fully provide Your farm with top-dressing and increase the yield. Moreover, You will cut down expenditures on recycling the wastes: manure, SDW, food waste, crop residues.

The biogas consists of methane (55 - 60%) and carbon dioxide (40 - 45%). The 24-hours output of biogas makes up 6 - 8 m3 and more depending on the manure composition. Biogas is a good fuel for gas appliances incl. Gas boilers, air heaters and gasifiers.

Now our specialists are designing 1 - 20 m3 capable BUG-1 stations and mastering the production process. We take orders for BUG-1 stations of any capacity.

Scheme of recycling wastes, and producing fertilizer and biogas


Learn more about the equipment on our web sites BIO.BMPA.BIZ and KOUD.RU

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