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Pontoons and bridges

We build pontoon bridges using rolled metal products.

By now we have already built 7 pontoon bridges. They are from 60 to 250 m long and have been successfully operating for several years.

Pontoon bridges are unique constructions which help solve transport problems in suburb as well as in the countryside. They are a good and less expensive alternative to permanent bridges. It takes about 6-8 months to construct a pontoon bridge. Their lifespan (even without capital repair) makes up around 30 years. The average capacity of a pontoon bridge constitutes up to 40 tons.

We build pontoon bridges for vehicles and pedestrians as well as for metal bridges, building and road constructions. When building a bridge a 2,7 m water drop is considered acceptable. Pontoon bridges donít obstruct smaller river ship navigation. For bigger ship navigation a release is provided.

Pontoon bridge mechanism

A pontoon bridge consists of pontoons and abutments.

The floating part of the bridge (46 to 200 m long) is made of pontoons and can transit up to 40 tons of load at a time. Pontoons are brought together with the help of special hitches. One of the pontoons has a span to pass smaller ships.

The top part of the bridge is designed for vehicles and pedestrians, and guarantees longevity of the construction. It is made of square logs and provides good adhesion of wheels.

There are slipways at the ends of a bridge which make it easier for the vehicles and people to pass the bridge when the water drops. We can offer You two options of clamping up the slipways:

Abutments are accomplished in the form of metal boxes. They are fixed into the river embankment, whelmed with gravel and strengthened with additional anchor bars. We can make pilework abutments to Your order.

Specifications and prices

Bridge Project number 1 running meter weight Load capacity Floating part length Entire bridge length Bridge roadway breadth Acceptable water drop Lifespan (before 1st capital repair) Entire bridge price (without VAT) 1 running meter price (without VAT)
t t m m m m years ths. rubles ths. rubles
NM-1 2,493 30 45,85 54,05 3,5 2 15 8 103,860 150,072
NM-2 2,444 30 87,72 97,72 3,5 2 20 14 565,200 150,156
NM-3 2,623 30 113,76 121,80 4,5 2,7 30 24 964,700 204,960
NM-4 2,851 40 149,60 160,84 4,5 2,6 30 43 216,000 268,700
NM-5 2,807 40 82,00 100,80 4,5 4,2 30 19 606,000 194,500
NM-6 1variant 2,484 30 72,00 91,80 4,5 4,2 30 16 580,200 180,600
NM-6 2variant 2,876 30 72,00 91,80 4,5 4,2 30 18 864,300 205,493
NM-6 3variant 2,941 30 72,00 91,80 4,5 4,2 30 19 180,900 208,942

When You order us a Pontoon bridge we work out target specification and construction project with account of hydrographic features of the construction site.

Pontoon bridges

Pontoon bridges Pontons Bridge construction

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