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Drilling units

We produce cable tool equipment, hydraulic drills and auger drills. The equipment is a demountable construction of relatively small size and weight. It makes it possible to easily transport it to hard-to-reach outside areas and use it inside. The process of drilling is accurate, thus no damages to the landscape are done. Low cost of a ready well is the main advantage of our cable tool drill over conventional drilling machines.

Our cable tool equipment can drill wells over 100 meters deep regardless of the type of the ground. The technology is based on the repetitive dropping and lifting of a heavy drilling chisel onto the well bottom. The repeated strokes can pound almost any hard or rock formation. A bailer is used in soft formations and for the extraction of dirt and slurry.

Hydraulic drills are designed for drilling wells up to 50 meters deep in soft formations. Their drilling speed is considerably higher than that of a cable tool drill. Hydraulic drills can be provided with block for drilling in hard formations. The basic principle of hydraulic drilling is the use of a water circulation system. A motor pump (out of set) pumps water from a pool. The water goes through rotary rods and drill eyes, engages with the soil and washes it out to the surface. A hydraulic drilling unit consists of a demountable framework, a gear motor, swivel with clutches, a headrace with stop valves, drilling rods, drills, electrics with reverse, a gin.

Auger drills can bore 5-meters-deep well holes. You can buy an auger separately or in a set with a hydraulic drill for both well (up to 50 meters deep) and hole drilling. Auger drills are provided with 2.2 kW (220V) or 4kW (380V) motors. Auger drills are used to make up-to-5-meters-deep and up-to-350-centimeters-thick holes for poling, building foundations, changing transmission towers or bridge and cross-walk footings, fencing, etc.

A drilling unit (photo)

Hydraulic drills Cable tool equipment
Hydraulic drills Cable tool equipment

You can learn more about the drilling units, technology, and configuration on GIDROBURENIE.RU

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