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About the company

BMP Association Ltd was founded in 1990. We have developed many new business directions during these 17 years. There are more than 20 companies in the Association today.

We produce equipment for different business spheres. Meanwhile, we try to make products You have not seen on the market yet or the prices on which have been much higher. We produce new efficient equipment and make the prices reasonable. To achieve this we are constantly looking for new business opportunities, cooperating with inventors and scientists.

- You’ve got new interesting ideas, You say?

- We’ll bring Your Ideas to life on mutually beneficial terms!

We are interested in Your cooperation.

- Do You want to become our distributor?

- You are welcome! We’ve got a special remuneration system.

Name 1st sale spiff, % Onward sale spiff, %
Smith equipment 5 10
Drilling equipment 5 10
Bioreactors 10 10
Roofing stations 5 7
Roofworks 5 7
Well-drilling 5 10
Wooden houses construction 5 10
Forged goods 10 25
"KOUD" fertilizer 20 20
Die stamping 25 25
Country premises 3 5
Accessory assets 3 5

We are ready to dialogue and discuss the spiff figures shown in the table. We can work with individuals as well as with juridical persons.

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