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"KOUD" – an organic fertilizer

"KOUD" is a high-performance ecologically pure liquid organic fertilizer. It is a product made of recycled farm wastes – cattle, pig, poultry manure, crop residues, etc.

Biotechnological researches have proved that "KOUD" is 100 times more effective than manure.

"KOUD" contains all the necessary components (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, major and minor nutrient elements) in solution in the optimum ratio. It includes also auxins - bioactive agents which multiply crops.

"KOUD" is good for all climatic zones and all types of soils. It improves soil fertility and maintains environmental balance.

"KOUD" is good for all types of crop and decorative plants. It is strongly recommended to use the fertilizer not less than 3-4 times a season for all plants cultivated.

"KOUD" begins to work on the plants the moment it gets into the soil multiplying the yield, strengthening environmental stability of the plant, and decreasing soil acidity.

"KOUD" is a highly concentrated fertilizer and needs 1:20 dilution depending on the condition of the plant to be top-dressed. A substantial watering of the plants should come before top-dressing. There are two methods fitting “KOUD” top-dressing: surface irrigation and direct injection into the soil. 1 liter of high- concentration “KOUD” is enough to feed 2-15 m2 of soil.

"KOUD" is free from pathogenic microorganisms, helminth larvae, nitrates, nitrites, specific fecal odors.

Storage temperatures: -40 to +15°Ń.

Guaranteed storage life - 1 year.

You can get more information about "KOUD" on our web site BIO.BMPA.BIZ

The organic fertilizer
The organic fertilizer
The organic fertilizer
The organic fertilizer
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