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Cold-forging equipment

Cold-forging, or metal cold forming, is an inexpensive and time-proved idea for starting a business with minimum investment.

A hand smith set helps perform most of ornaments known in cold-forging. It will make metal goods –furniture, doors, lattices, banisters, fences, aprons - fine and attractive. These goods are in constant demand and can bring You steady and sound profit.

You don’t need a large room and many people to organize production process. One worker can produce about 10-12 m2 of finished goods per day, incl. welding.

A hand smith set includes 6 tools and works with a 4-6 mm strip and 12-14 mm square bars:

A standard smith set includes an instruction film, pictures and drafts of the wrought ironworks, manual instruction.

We produce also accessory tools like hand-press for hammering (embossing) and forming ornaments, and air funnel furnace for metal heating.

Metal cold forming tools

Ulitka Ulitka
Gnutik Gnutik
Twister Twister
Volna Volna
Obyemnaya Obyemnaya
Fonarik Fonarik

You can learn more about the tools, their work, etc. on our web site KOVKA.BMPA.RU

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