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Forged goods

Wrought metal items make any interior unique and bright. We can offer You various forged items such as furniture, fences, doors, gates, banisters, etc.

Wrought items are various in form and shape, attractive, and time-proof. They will adorn Your home inside as well as outside, underline its individuality. Wrought beds, tables, chairs, chandeliers, vases, candlesticks, whatnots will perfectly fit both city apartments and a country cottage. And wrought gates, fences, lattices will safely guard You from unwelcome guests.

We produce make-to-order wrought metal goods mostly but there are standard samples as well. (look at the picture).

To place an order for a particular wrought item You need to:

Wrought-iron table and 4 chairs

Forged goods

You can learn more about forged goods by telephone and e-mail.

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