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Country premises

We can offer You residential and nonresidential real estate in Vologda Region.

  • Recreation camp at the Volga-Baltic Waterway, 130 km away from Vologda
  • Tourist camp at the Kubena River, 78 km away from Vologda
  • Land plot with buildings, 1 km away from Kirillov
  • Land plot for building a cottage community, 3 km away from the Volga-Baltic Waterway, 41 hectares
  • Production works in Gryazovets, 40 km away from Vologda in Moscow direction, 1500 m2

All assets are situated in picturesque and ecologically clean areas of Kirillov District, and can be used both for business and private purposes.

Kirillov District is famous for the 4 most ancient cloisters of the Russian North. These priceless landmarks are Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, Ferapontov Monastery, Voskresensky Goritsky Convevt, Ensemble of Nilo-Sorskaya Pustyn. Ferapontov Monastery is one of the World Heritage Sites (UNESCO) known for its wall paintings by Dionisy. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit these places each year.

Kirillov District is rich not only in cultural heritage but also in natural resources. This is where the Volga-Baltic Waterway goes through. The canal was made in the middle of the 20th century to bind The Volga River with the Baltic Sea. There are many fishy lakes and dam-lakes in the district. You can even find crayfish in the lakes that is a sign of clean environment. 1990s witnessed the opening of “Russian North”, a national park in Kirillov District. The main representatives of the local flora are pinewoods which are rich in various berries, mushrooms and medical herbs. You can see here such endangered plants as small-leaved lime, gosling, yellow lady’s slipper, ghost orchid, quill wort, vernal anemone, etc.

Fish-hawk also lives here. It is one of the most beautiful and at the same time endangered birds which feeds on live fish only. Moreover it catches sick and weak fish, thus cleaning water. Fish-hawk lives on all continents save South America but the population of the bird is getting smaller and smaller. That’s why fish-hawk is registered in the IUCN Red List. The fish-hawk is a genuine treasure of our nature and a marker of clean environment.

All the assets have favorable conditions for tourism of different types: cultural tourism, water sports, hunting, fishing, camping.

Learn more about the real estate units on our web site GDE-TO-TUT.RU

Countryside real estate
Countryside real estate
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