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Roofing equipment

We produce several types of bitumen stations.

We can build You a bitumen station on the terms of 70% prepayment, the rest 30% being paid from the-first-year profit brought by the station.

The price includes installation and training course costs.

Characteristics of road emulsion mixes

Only few regions of Russia have bitumen emulsion plants today because they are rather costly (as a rule, it is Swedish equipment). Two years ago our company designed similar domestic road emulsion equipment which proved to be efficient and administers to the needs of the regional road authority. One turn output makes from 6-8 to 50 tons. The cost is a sequence lower than that of the import equipment. This year we have put into production miniature bitumen emulsion stations which can be used by smaller road repair companies.

Bitumen emulsion stations include bitumen storage container, bitumen batchbox, emulsifier solution mixer, emulsion components feeder, disperser, emulsion storage hopper. This equipment can produce bitumen emulsions of any composition set, acc. to State Standards 52128-2003.

Bitumen emulsions consist of bitumen and emulsifier water solution. They possess high wettability and low expendability thus allowing proper surface treatment. Besides bitumen emulsions simplify considerably paving technology, provides rigid cohesion between the lower and the upper layers of the asphalt concrete pavement.

Today we produce bitumen emulsions of two types: tack coat and patch mix.

Roofing mastic specification

Roofing mastic makes a waterproof elastoplastic continuous carpet with the average thickness of 4-6 mm depending on the tilt. Asbestos is one of the components of bitumen mastic thats why such roofing is good for the facilities with the hostile (acid, alkaline) environment. Mastic roofing is highly water- and damp-proof, frost- and heat-resistant (-45Ѱ to +150Ѱ). When serviced properly it guarantees a 15-18 years lifespan.

Working roofing bitumen station

Roofing bitumen station

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