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We specialize mainly in deck-roofing and roof repairing using bitumen mastics.

We perform roofing in Moscow, Vologda, Cherepovets, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Makhachkala, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Pyatigorsk, and within 500 km distance away from these cities.

We have been working in different regions of Russia for 17 years already, and have carried out more than 2.7 mln. m2 roofworks. We have wide working experience both in ordinary and difficult projects. Mastic roofing makes it possible to cover large roofs as soon as practicable. It is usually vital for large workshops and other production facilities where it turns very difficult to cover the roof surface using traditional methods within the work season. Mastic roofs are esp. good for the facilities with hostile environment. The technology includes all range of works concerning repairing the old roof and preparing the surface for mastic covering.

Peculiarities of bitumen mastics

Mastic is a sticky thick liquid indiscrete mass which becomes solid short after application. There are 2 classifications of mastics according to their composition. First, we distinguish between bituminous, polymeric, and bituminous polymeric mastics. Then, there are one- and two-component mastics. One-component mastic contains a solvent and is ready for application. Two-component mastics can be stored. The thing is that they consist of two chemically low-activity ingredients which can be kept apart longer than 12 months. Mastics may include solvents, aggregates, and additives. You can apply mastic to almost any sloping surface. But You should remember that the surface must be perfectly even so that the mastic carpet was of the same thickness everywhere. Mastic is applied liquid, and some time later it becomes a 4-6 mm deep solid elastoplastic waterproof continuous carpet. A mastic roof is highly water- and sound-proof, frost- and heat-resistant -45Ѱto +150Ѱ. It is also good for facilities with hostile (acid, alkaline) environment. Mastic roofing can be used both for roof repair and for a new roof construction. When properly serviced a mastic roof has 15-18 years lifespan.

Deck roof covered with mastic

Deck roof covered with mastic

You can learn more about roofworks on our web site BMPA.RU

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