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Die stamping

Die stamping is a way of printing a logo or some other image on promotional and souvenir products.

You can have a logo stamped on the following items: lighters, ash-trays, key fobs, house ware, office stationary (pens, pencils, rulers, knifes, business card holders, calculators), cassettes, plastic packing, glassware, incl. New Year glassware; clothes, bags and other souvenirs.

Die can be stamped on all kinds of materials: wood, glass, plastics, metal, ceramics, cloth, etc. The logo is applied spot-on, and the image looks absolutely the same as the pattern on the computer screen.

Die stamped items are good souvenirs to present one’s friends and relatives. Pens and lighters are the most popular among souvenirs. They both remind a user softly of the presenter (his company) during the day. Such promotion is the best way to become recognizable.

We can sell You used die-stamping equipment at a low price.

Die-stamped mug and pen

Die stamping

You can learn more about die stamping by telephone or e-mail.

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