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Haulage is what a big company canít exist today without. We offer You full service concerning receipt, storage, motor-traction and delivery of goods. We can deliver parcels, large consignments of goods and way cargos throughout Russia, CIS and EEC member-states.

We have a large motor pool: heavy haulers (cap. = 6-20tons), semitrailers, road trains; light-duty truck (cap. = 1-6tons); timber trucks incl. off-roaders; crane trucks; dumptrucks; bulldozers; excavators.

We specialize in way cargos motor-traction. Our trucks often go back partially loaded from the delivery point. Thatís why we offer You this option with one-way pay.

Our experienced specialists promptly process the incoming information and work out the routes reasoning from the clientís requirements. We guarantee flexible pricing and individual approach to every customer. Long-term cooperation and steady partnership are the main goal of our business.

You can learn more about the companyís transport services by telephone numbers or e-mail.

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